Why is it important doing this?

Nowadays, it is a very important opportunity for convenience to emergence capital or bring it back or “shield them” regularizing the tax and possibly criminal position, restoring the RW framework of the tax return not filed in the past. The opportunities are:

Opportunity to bring out and declare its own capital and foreign assets with reduced penalties and even flat-rate taxation, with the proper application of any penalty;

  • Use, retrieve, declare and use of foreign fixed capital;
  • Use, retrieve, declare and use of foreign heritage;
  • Use, retrieve, declare and use of blocked capital, immobilized and in litigation abroad;
  • Regulate its own tax position, restoring omitted RW frameworks and being able to leave the capital to foreign intermediaries located overseas.
Do you want to assess whether it is convenient for you?

Time is changed, you need to realize this.
In the future, will you want assets actually usable and investable or will it suffice to hold usable assets only to play Monopoly?

  Contact us, referring to the site, and we personally evaluate the situation and the available solutions.