Voluntary Disclosure, also called voluntary complaint or self-denunciation, is a current topic of increasing interest in recent times. After the very recent interpretations of the Income Revenue Authority and the new role of the UCIFI, led by Dr. Martino, every foreign agent (foreign bank, trustee and foreign company, professional, etc.) and any person, either natural or legal, resident or non-resident in Italy, is considering the opportunity to regularize the owned assets, administered or managed with respect to the issue of the ownership of capital and foreign availability not regularly reported.

With the experience acquired in the field, also given by disclosures and regularizations already completed, we want to support all clients – private, companies, Italian and foreign brokers – who have problems related to availability of any type (finance, real estate, foreign companies, dummy or operational companies, safety deposit boxes, physical actions and physical certificates, jewelry, credits, litigations, inheritance, funds, foundations, Monaco SCI, Anstalt, Stiftung, trusts, boats, paintings, clocks, cars, resorts, etc.) abroad (Switzerland, Montecarlo, Uruguay, San Marino, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Andorra, Madeira, Gibraltar, Panama, Antigua, Belize, Barbados, BVI, Delaware, Guernsey, Jersey, Malta, Cyprus, Hong Kong, Singapore, Channel Island, Austria, European Union, Argentina, Brazil, Australia, Croatia, Montenegro, Greece, Israel, UK, Ireland, the Netherlands, Romania, Czech Republic, Cuba, Egypt, Kenya, Eritrea, Libya, Ethiopia, Dubai, Caribbean, etc.). Italy, like every OCSE country, is moving from time trying to regulate and resolve past situations and the not regular ones.